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Get your recycling all wrapped up


Now that the Christmas mayhem is behind us, we bet there’s a fair amount of packaging lying around your house. In fact, last Christmas in the UK we consumed close to 300,000 tonnes of card packaging alone. That’s enough to cover the Millennium Stadium pitch nearly 140,000 times! Whatever you don’t plan on reusing next year (check…

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Your rubbish is now generating energy to power 50,000 homes

SERC Severnside, SUEZ images for the UK

please credit paulbox©

Since 14 December, 96% of the non-recycled waste put out by residents in the London Boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames is being used to generate energy. Whether it’s put out for collection by the local council in black sacks, grey wheeled bins or black wheeled bins your rubbish will no longer…

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Don’t Panic – Your Last Minute Thrifty Gift Guide

Christmas gifts box presents on brown

So, there’s less than a week to go and perhaps you’re sitting pretty with all your lists checked, presents bought and wrapped, and Christmas dinner all cooked and ready to go in the freezer! But, if you’re reading this we think it’s safe to say you’re probably still looking for the perfect gift for that special someone.…

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No Waste Festive Food

A large family are all helping serve Christmas dinner.

Christmas and food, they’re inseparable – perhaps explaining the term ’tis the season to be jolly’! In the lead up to Christmas however, preparing and cooking the big meal can often be time-consuming, expensive and a tad stressful – who can remember what strange diets our relatives are on this year? Christmas dinner can also come wit…

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Cooking – A Disco Soup Trailer by Cyrus, Varun and Xerxes


On 27 October we held our first-ever Disco Soup, an evening of chopping and preparing food together in order to demonstrate the delicious ways we can all prevent food waste. On the evening three of our guests in Year 8 composed a fabulous trailer that we’ve decided to post for your enjoyment. A big thanks…

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Sew-cialising at west London Love Your Clothes Workshops


In October we held a series of sewing workshops for repair skills in each of the 6 west London boroughs; Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond. The interest in the workshops in the lead-up was great but nothing compared to the enthusiasm on the day! The funding for these workshops came from Recycle for…

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Spud and Slice’s Christmas Calendar


The count down to Christmas is finally here! And how easy it is to get involved in activities that can create extra waste – from gift wrapping to buying more food than we actually need. Which is why we’ve asked our favourite food mascots, Spud and Slice to gather their top hints and tips to make t…

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Make Your Christmas Shopping List Shine Green

3Rs note

The party invitations are rolling in whilst Christmas music jingles from the radio. The holiday season has officially kicked off! While we all look forward to enjoying some down-time with friends and family, many of us will feel less excited about shopping for gifts for them. Not only can Christmas shopping be stressful, but all those gifts…

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Turn Black Friday into Buy Nothing Day

Love Christmas Hate Waste logo

The holidays are fast approaching and so is the infamous Black Friday! Once a 24-hour deep discount sale, Black Friday now seems to stretch on with deals already advertised on shopping websites and across London High Streets. Don’t be too quick to jump at the supposed rock bottom bargains however, as recent research conducted by Which?…

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Season’s Greetings from Spud and Slice


We can hardly believe it – but the holidays are fast approaching! Doesn’t it seem that we’ve barely left the warmer months behind us? Nevertheless Christmas cheer abounds from shop fronts to the lights on Oxford Street – and our very own Spud is all decked out in his new Christmas gear! While the season is a…

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Love Your Clothes London


Last month we teamed up with the Recycle for London and Love Your Clothes campaign ‘Love Your Clothes London’ to bring west London residents a series of clothing repair workshops. The workshops were a smashing success thanks to you – our residents – for coming out and participating! Workshops were held in each of our 6…

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Thanks for a Souper Evening!


WLWA’s first-ever Disco Soup on 27 October was a souper success with over 50 residents coming together to create a delicious meal from surplus food! In the lead up we saved approximately 60 kilograms of perfectly edible surplus food from FareShare and the local Pinner Sainsbury’s that was then transformed into a delicious feast by you…

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Disco Soup – Lettuce Dance to the Beet!


Get your dancing shoes on and your vegetable peelers out! We can’t wait to host you, together with special guest stars, at our first-ever Disco Soup 7:00PM 27 October at Pinner Village Hall. While the event is free, spaces are limited so please register on EventBrite to ensure entrance on the night. Did you know as a nation we throw away 1 out…

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West London’s Food Waste Movement Gets Funky


In recent years food waste has gone from minor afterthought to full blown media sensation. With TV programmes like Hugh’s War on Waste and the Evening Standard’s recent Food for London campaign, food waste’s become the topic du jour across London’s dining tables – and with good reason! Did you know 1/3 of all the food we produc…

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Love Your Clothes Repair Workshops

This is perfect dress for our customer

West London Waste is delighted to be teaming up with Recycle for London’s Love Your Clothes campaign to bring you a series of free sewing repair workshops. The workshops focus on sharing repair skills to extend the life of your clothes. They also provide an excellent opportunity to repair or re-fashion your pre-loved items and meet…

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5p Plastic Bag Charge – One Year On

Plastic bag and Lionfish

One year ago, on 5 October, England’s 5p charge on all single-use plastic carrier bags came into effect. The charge was enacted in order to reduce the number of single-use plastic carrier bags, and the litter associated with them. So, one year on has the charge been a success? Have we decreased the number of single-us…

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Reminder: Hounslow Re-Use & Recycling Centre Temporarily Closed

Recycling family

Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre in Hounslow will be closed from Monday 3 October to Friday 4 November. During this time, residents will be unable to use the site to deposit household waste and are asked to use neighbouring civic amenity sites or alternative ways to dispose of bulky items and household goods. When Spac…

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Guest Blog: How to Throw a Zero-Waste Dinner Party


by Erin Vaughan Ever taken out the rubbish after a dinner party, wondering how exactly you managed to rack up all that waste from just one night of fun? From disposable food packaging to extra paper napkins to tablecloths meant to be tossed, parties tend to come with a pretty hefty amount of waste. The good…

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Waste Less, Live More!


The month of September is all about reducing waste! We started off  with Zero Waste, then moved on to Recycle Week, and now it’s time to pass the baton over to Waste Less, Live More Week. From 19–25 September, Waste less, Live More Week brings together organisations and people to take part in activities whic…

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Recycle Week 2016 – The Unusual Suspects


Welcome to Recycle Week 2016! Last week, Zero Waste Week was fantastic but this week it’s time to move on to Recycle Week in order to learn all about recycling beyond the ordinary! Recycle Week 2016 is on a major hunt for the ‘The Unusual Suspects’, many of which could be hiding in your rubbish bin. You may be familiar…

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Use It Up! Zero Waste Week 2016


Ready, Steady, Use It Up! Zero Waste Week 2016 kicks off today and will run until 9th September. Zero Waste Week is a time to encourage us all to rethink our waste and reduce the amount we send to landfill. This year’s theme – use it up – focuses on how we can reduce food waste. Did you know…

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From surplus to scrummy: come make a second chance smoothie!

smoothie event 2

Have you ever bought super strawberries, beautiful bananas or magnificent mangoes only to have them go off in the fruit bowl or fridge? If so, you’re not alone! Each year in the UK households waste £900 of fresh fruit. Luckily we have a delicious way to put all this blemished or overly soft fruit to…

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Back to School Buzz

At school

It’s back to school time! From new wardrobes to after school snacks – there’s all manner of new items to shop for. Whether opting for high-tech or second-hand, we want to help you get the most out of your new school purchases. Here are some of our favourite tips to keep you at the to…

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Going for Gold in the Race against Food Waste

Gold Medal Cookie and Milk

With all the excitement of the summer games upon us, we couldn’t help but want to get involved – in the race against food waste that is!  As a nation we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year from our homes. Thinking about our food’s journey and taking a few simple steps…

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Save the #lostsocks

Cute sock puppets isolated on whiteCute sock puppet isolated on white

There aren’t that many of us who hasn’t experienced the case of the missing sock. If it isn’t yourself, kids seem to be very adept at losing just one side of a pair. Even washing machines get blamed! It’s very hard to know where they end up! Socks are generally cheap enough to replace and…

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Don’t leave your food behind this summer!

Little adorable girls eating ice cream on tropical beach

If you’re lucky enough to be getting away this summer don’t let your food get away from you first. According to research by the environmental foundation Hubbub, each year in the UK £½ billion worth of perfectly edible food gets thrown away when people head off on holiday. A whopping £12 million worth of food…

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Emma’s Plastic Straw Free July Challenge

full refuse plastic and paper glass in plastic bin

Here at West London Waste we love talking reduce, reuse and recycle, but some of you may wonder if we actually walk the talk?! Well, Emma our fab Waste Minimisation Officer decided to show she practices what she preaches by documenting her Plastic Free July Challenge. Emma pledged to give up the plastic straw and…

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Look Out for the Love Food Hate Waste Library Tour

LFHW tomato logo

Did you know UK households throw away 7 million tonnes of food annually? Even more shocking is over half of it could be avoided; we either buy or cook too much! Our team want to shout about our food saving messages so we’ve decided to come to you! We’ll be taking our Love Food Hate Wast…

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Make the Most of Every Mouthful

woman eating pasta in kitchen

UK households have made great strides in reducing the good food we waste! In fact food and drink waste is down by 21% since 2007, but with £12.5 billion of food still ending up in the bin, there is still a long way to go. We like to reduce food waste because it not only…

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How to Stop Staggering Food Waste Stats


UK households are the single biggest producers of food waste across the country, wasting a whopping 7 million tonnes per year! That’s more than farms, supermarkets, caterers and restaurants – combined! What’s more, over half (approx. 4.2  million tonnes) of that waste is avoidable waste. We usually throw food away because we buy too much and…

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