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Love Your Leftovers

Superhero fridgefreezer

Hopefully you don’t have too many leftovers after planning your portions, checking what your guests like and dislike and encouraging them to go back for seconds or thirds if they want to eat more instead of piling plates high…but it’s Christmas, so of course you’re going to have some leftovers! This is where you turn…

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5 Tips for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling at Xmas


Our Waste Elves would like to wish everyone in West London a Happy Christmas! How’s your bin looking? In the run up to Christmas, we can be so busy with the traditions of the season that we sometimes fail to notice how much actually ends up in the bin and recycling boxes. Working with rubbis…

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Have yourself a Merry (food waste free!) Christmas


Tis’ the season to be jolly­­- especially with all the delicious holiday food to look forward to! Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones eating well this time of year. Our bins eat so well that they swallow up 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies each year. Don’t let this put a damper on…

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More great gifts but less rubbish please!

man in reindeer antlers

According to the annual YouGov poll about Christmas spending habits, this year the average household will spend £596 on presents this year! Do we really need to spend that much to give great presents that everyone will love? We don’t think so, which is why we’re encouraging you to become a Thrifty Gift Giver –…

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Making a list & checking it twice: 4 tips for Christmas success

Santa with scroll paper

There’s a good reason Santa makes a list every Christmas season! The sheer number of tasks to get done before the 25th can often feel longer than Santa’s naughty and nice lists combined.  If you’re wondering how you’re going to pull everything together before the big day or even if you are sitting comfortably becaus…

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Sustainable solutions for waste

SERC Nov 2015

On 16th November, our Director James Brennan took part in the Institute of Civil Engineers final lecture of the Engineering the Future: London 2050 series, entitled “Waste, sustainable solutions”. The series of lectures examined the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 which is the first attempt by London to set out the full range of infrastructure requirements…

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Let’s all Recycle for London


A recent poll of Londoners found that 55% of us are adamant that everybody should recycle and that two-thirds of Londoners would feel more pride in the city if we all did more to be environmentally friendly. There are lots of things we can all do so let’s start with doing #JustOneThing, with t…

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Be part of #WasteNot west London

Pile of rubbish waiting to be treated

There are lots of facts and figures about waste in west London Last year (April 2014 – March 2015) just under 417,000 tonnes of rubbish was sent for disposal. This is 620kg per household or 238kg per person living in the area. Approximately one third of the rubbish in black bags is actually food waste, a…

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#WasteNot west London

1 in 5 bags of shopping are thrown away

Did watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new programme War on Waste on Monday evening start you wondering what’s happening where you live?  Well, if you’re living in west London, you’ve come to the right place to find out! Since 2010 the Waste Minimisation Team from West London Waste alongside Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond Councils has been…

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Face your baking fears this Halloween

Lit pumpkin (web size)

It’s a frightening fact that 450,000 tonnes of bakery goods including 160,000 tonnes of cakes and desserts are thrown away from our homes each year. It seems that in the shops Halloween is all about pumpkins and sweet things including some of that cake preparing itself for the bin. Whether you’re hosting a scary get…

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A Love Food Hate Waste Bakery Bonanza

Loaf of bread

The fantastic choice of bakery goods, biscuits, cakes and desserts on sale gives us an opportunity to save time and grab something that will satisfy our sweet or savoury tooth. Whether you need a loaf for sandwiches, fancy a pastry for breakfast, feel like you need a sweet cake treat or just want to f…

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And the winner is our Waste Minimisation Team

Larac Award with whole team

On Wednesday evening (14th October) our Waste Minimisation Team were named the best team of the year at the UK’s national Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee Awards 2015. The team were entered for this award after they met every target set for them in the 2014/15 Waste Prevention Action Plan (WPAP) and exceeded these targets…

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What could you learn by taking the Food Challenge?

karen's bad apple

Maybe the better question is why is it worth your time to sign up and read the emails you’ll be sent? The answer, well there isn’t just one, here is why: It could save you up to 38 minutes a day working out what to eat or preparing dinner. You could save money – t…

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My food challenge by Karen Cannard, Founder of The Rubbish Diet

karen's bad apple

Uneaten pizza, too much rice, out-of-date yoghurts and gone-off ham. All binned. Every week. Dodgy looking carrots, wilted greens and melons that had reached peak whiffiness. All gone to make compost. My rubbish collection was the best thing since sliced bread, removing many a mouldy slice from my kitchen. My Kitchen of Doom, where food…

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Food glorious food

1 in 5 bags of shopping are thrown away

This month we’re celebrating all things food – eating, storing, cooking and importantly not throwing it away. We’ve got something for everyone. Activities you can do from the comfort of your kitchen, your sofa and if you’re feeling adventurous some events to attend on a couple of west London High Streets and in local libraries.…

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The 5p plastic bag charge starts 5th October

plastic bags

The what? Yes, you read it correctly, from Monday 5 October the law introducing a 5p charge for plastic bags in England begins. It’s not been widely advertised, so we thought we’d try to de-mystify it for you! The plastic bag – they’re everywhere and used by everyone at some point. They’re incredibly popular wit…

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Waste Less Live More

Waste less live more week

You probably hear about waste all the time. Spending money on products that break after only 2 uses is a waste, buying food that ends up in the bin is wasteful and how much are you actually paying for that item considering when you get it home and out of the packaging over half t…

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Not stitched to be ditched – Gift your unwanted outdoor gear

Gift Your Gear it belongs outdoors

Have you got waterproof jackets, walking boots or other outdoor clothing you don’t need anymore? Whether they just don’t fit or you don’t get to use them, there’s little point leaving them sat in a cupboard taking up space when they could be re-used by someone else. In September, you can support the award winning…

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We can fix it! Share skills, learn skills at the Festival of Repair!

panda at the festival of repair

Written for our website by The Rubbish Diet, West London Waste has been supporting residents to take The Rubbish Diet since 2012. Throughout September, The Rubbish Diet is running a Festival of Repair inviting you to repair one thing rather than replace it. We love repair! It saves us money and helps us to hang…

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How are you going to re-use for Zero Waste Week?

Reuse swoosh

Two weeks ago we asked you what re-use meant to you and if you could re-use something else to celebrate the 8th national Zero Waste Week. Now that Zero Waste Week is here, we’re bringing you even more ideas for something you could do this week. If you’ve not yet signed up to support the week…

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The west London Festival of Repair – this September

Festival Of repair clear background no fill logo

It’s so frustrating when our favourite electrical item grinds to a halt, the handle comes off the bag we’ve had for years, or your bike chain just doesn’t want to stay on the bike. Don’t despair, instead of thinking replace, start thinking ‘repair’. This September The Rubbish Diet want to make thinking and doing repair…

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Why is there a national Zero Waste Week in September?

Zero Waste Week 300X200-2015

It’s the 8th national Zero Waste Week from 7 to 13th September, but what does zero waste mean to you? The founder of Zero Waste Week, Rachelle Strauss (aka Mrs Green) describes it as “rethink our rubbish and start to view it as a resource rather than a waste product”. This year you can take part…

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Make your own second chance smoothie

Smoothie bike - Sam cycling

Have you had one of our delicious second chance smoothies yet? We’ve had 2,500 happy tasters at the events we’ve been to since May, but if you’ve missed out so far you’ve still got chance to see the smoothie bike in action and give it a pedal yourself at Brentford Festival (6 September) and Queens Park…

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Have a salad day

Fresh goat cheese salad with fresh vegetables and olive oil.

It’s summer now (on the days the weather agrees anyway), a time of year to eat outdoors with a BBQ or picnic in the park, days to take your lunch or tea to the quiet spot by the river or canal, or just to avoid getting hot and sweaty in a warm kitchen. How about…

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Our Spud & Slice Competition Winner

Roger and Ilana Spud&Slice competition

How many of you remember our Spud and Slice competition in February this year?  To enter, all you had to do was check out all the quick and easy to do tips on our Spud and Slice pages online and let us know which of the tips you liked to SaveaSpud or SaveaSlice and send…

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Have you seen west London’s new Energy Recovery Facility?

SErC Admin building July 2015

At the moment all the black bags of rubbish from homes in west London are put on our Waste Train and sent to landfill, but next year all that is going to change. As part of our 27 year residual waste treatment contract with Suez environnement (formerly SITA UK Ltd) a new Energy Recovery Facility, using…

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Recycle more for Recycle Week

Recycle Week

It’s Recycle Week, from 22 – 28 June lots of people all across west London will be recycling items they’ve probably never even considered before with the help of all our special Recycle Week events. You probably regularly recycle items like plastic milk bottles and glass bottles from the kitchen, but it’s also easy to…

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Compost Celebrations across west London


Throughout May (and a little bit of June) we celebrated compost awareness by hosting a series of Compost Celebrations! We kicked off this year’s events on 16th May in Ealing alongside Ealing Council and our Compost Experts, with 20 tonnes of compost being delivered to Walpole Park. Regulars lined up early, ready to get their…

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Win £500 for your school by recycling electrical items

Switched on About WEEE

We are working with Wastebuster (inspiring pupils) to give all schools in west London the chance to win £500 to spend in the Wastebuster Exchange Store on school equipment, plus £100 to give to a charity of their choice. To enter all a school needs to do is have a collection of broken and unwanted…

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