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Loving your leftovers without a turkey sandwich in sight!

Family christmas dinner

Hopefully you don’t have too many leftovers after planning your portions, checking what your guests like and dislike and encouraging them to go back for seconds or thirds if they want to eat more instead of piling plates high.  But it’s Christmas so of course you’re going to have some leftovers.  Instead of eating t…

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Reduce, re-use and recycle this Christmas

Swoosh in green

We’d like to wish everyone in West London a Happy Christmas and a relaxing festive season. How’s your bin looking? Is it a little round and stuffed full of things? We hope not as the Waste Elves are bin fans of 3 small bins this Christmas. Here are a few quick tips to keep your…

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Festive Food

Christmas lunch

It’s the season to be jolly so let’s have a go at making our food happy too – let’s eat it up instead of putting Spud, Slice and their food friends into a big, round and merry bin! With 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies thrown away each year our bins get to…

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Great gifts – less rubbish!

Wrapping eco Christmas packages

Not even men want to be buying presents on Christmas Eve! Last minute panic buying is not good for the bank balance or for our jolly frame of mind. A YouGov poll for 2014 suggests that the average household will spend £604 on presents this year. Do we really need to spend that much to giv…

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Making a list and checking it twice

Santa with scroll paper

Hopefully you don’t have as many presents to sort out as Santa, but it’s possible you’re feeling as if the number of things you need to do this month is longer than his naughty and nice lists combined.  Whether you’re wondering how you’re going to get everything done before the big day or sitting back…

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Check out our new Get Swishing guide

GetSwishing logo

But what is swishing I hear you ask? It’s only the best way to update your wardrobe without ever needing to spend a penny! Our 5 step guide breaks down how easy it is to set up your own, with friends or your local community. Swishing is a great way to bring people together, and…

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Cook Once – but lots of choice

Meals can be made from leftovers

Did you try any cook once eat twice dinners last week? If you did, how much time did you save? Our Sarah cooked a large bolognaise, 4 days and three meals of spag bol later (lunch one day and 2 dinners) she saved herself around an hour. Having the same thing over and over again can…

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Free up your freezer for cook once eat twice meals

Superhero fridgefreezer

Now the dark nights have made their re-appearance Spud and Slice may be celebrating as we reach for the comfortable autumn warming foods. A lovely hot soup served with bread, mash with sausages and thick tasty gravy – both delicious and brilliant to chase away the chill. Maybe we’ll be eating more of the to…

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Boo! It’s scary how much food is wasted during Halloween

Lit pumpkin (web size)

Apples, pumpkins, chocolates, candies – Halloween provides a bounty of delicious goodies. However, according to a Love Food Hate Waste report half the food we throw away in the UK hasn’t been used in time and isn’t even opened or started. Talk about a fright! Let’s not food waste haunt us this season. There ar…

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Play our exciting new Wastebusting game

wbu logo

We’ve been working with educational resource provider Wastebuster to launch an exciting new interactive online game for all young people (and everyone else too!) in west London – aimed at challenging the way they view waste. The Wastebuster Universe is now available free of charge to anyone who wants to play in west London, and…

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?


Did you know that half the food we throw away from our homes isn’t even opened or used up? Much of the food we buy doesn’t get used, goes out of date, soft or mouldy before we have even taken a bite. There are lots of reasons for this, but it doesn’t have to b…

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Save a Slice!


Slice is having a hard time coping as you can probably tell by his quivering lip and sad tears. Why is he so sad you may be wondering? Well, a recent WRAP report, put  bread at the top of the list when it came to most thrown away items of avoidable food waste. That’s 24…

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How do you fill yours?


Remember that superhero in your kitchen, the one we introduced you to 2 weeks ago? This week we want you have another look and see if you can increase its hero status. The members of our Waste Minimisation Team all have quite big fridge freezers. The one pictured here belongs to Sam. A few weeks ago…

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Save Spud!

Website potato banner picture

For the last 3 weeks we’ve kept a diary of the food thrown away in our homes, made a plan to avoid waste and dressed our fridge-freezer in a superhero cape! This week we want to focus our attention on Spud, to save a few from our bins. The potato is a family favourite, it’s…

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Your fridge and freezer are Superheroes at reducing food waste

Superhero fridgefreezer

Over the last 2 weeks if you’ve tried the food waste diary and started planning your meals you’ve probably become a bit of a food Superhero yourself. Have you tried our quiz to check out which of our Superheroes you are? This week we’re going to introduce you to the unsung hero in your kitchen – your fridg…

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Plan to save Spud and Slice

Meal planner on fridge

Last week we introduced you to Spud and Slice, two of the foods most often thrown away from our homes. Well, there’s more to tell you about the 4.2 million tonnes of edible food that’s thrown away each year – almost half of that hadn’t even been opened/started – It’s TRUE! Are you asking yourself…

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Time to get back to bread and potatoes

Website potato banner picture

Have you ever met anyone who deliberately threw edible food in the bin? Neither have we, but it is a fact that 4.2 million tonnes of food that could have been eaten in our homes is put in bins or food waste recycling collections every year in the UK. In west London a survey only…

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It’s Zero Waste Week – Start doing one more thing…

Zero Waste Week logo Drawing

This week we’re celebrating Zero Waste Week. Whether you’re a recycling beginner or a seasoned pro, an individual or business owner, there are plenty of reasons for everyone to get involved. Last year in west London almost 305,000 tonnes of rubbish was sent straight to landfill and a further 106,000 tonnes were burned to generat…

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Countdown to Zero Waste

Zero Waste Week logo 300X200

National Zero Waste Week will take place from 1 September to 7 September 2014. Now in its seventh year, this year they’re asking “One More Thing” – What one more thing could YOU do to reduce the amount of stuff you throw in the bin? We generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year…

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Taste it, Don’t Waste it!


Did you know – each year, one million tonnes of perfectly good food and drink is thrown in home kitchen bins all over the country without a single bite or sip being taken! A new Wrap report shows that half our household food waste ends up in the bin still whole or unopened because it…

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Want to Save Money Quickly? Try Reducing Your Waste

Reduce swoosh

While rubbish may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to save up cash, it can be a great jumping off point. Thinking about what we buy before we head to the shops can save us money and is good for the environment. For example, choosing to go to the charity…

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Washable vs Disposable Nappies: Let’s curb the Myth

Chatting children in nappies

Many of us may think that when it comes to choosing a nappy for our little ones, we have to use either the disposable nappy (quick and convenient we think) or the washable nappy (time-consuming and fussy but eco-friendly). The truth is however, that you don’t need to choose one over the other. In fact,…

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And the best dressed award goes to… UK landfills!


With summer in full-swing, now is a great time to take stock of your clothes, get your wardrobe ready for your holidays and perhaps even say a fond farewell to some. Every year we throw away £140m worth of clothing, which weighs around 350,000 tonnes, but your once loved clothes can still live a long,…

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Grow your Picnic Recipe Repertoire this Summer

Mini Cheese Burger Stacks (web resize)

Summer is heating up and what better way to enjoy the extra hours of daylight than a delicious picnic in the park? But, before heading off to buy the typical picnic sausages rolls or ingredients for your standard sandwiches, take a look in your cupboards and fridge. You may find you already have the perfect…

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WLWA’s new Councillors confirmed

Chair and Vice Chair 2014

Following the local elections in May, the six Councillors who will run the West London Waste Authority have been appointed. There is one elected member from each of our six partner boroughs – Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond. All of the Councillors have responsibility for recycling, waste and other environmental issues in their…

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1 in 5 bags of food shopping ends up in bin

Waste for landfill

You’ve gone to the supermarket, spent a long time doing your shopping and finally made it home with your mountain of shopping bags! Despite our best intentions to eat all we buy, the equivalent of 1 out of every 5 bags of shopping we buy ends up in the bin and that’s just one of…

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