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Four tenders short-listed for West London Waste Contract

Pile of rubbish waiting to be treated

The West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has short-listed four bidders for a long term West London Residual Waste Services contract covering the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, and Richmond upon Thames. Cory Environmental Ltd, E.ON Energy from Waste leading a consortium with Tata Chemicals Europe Limited with significant sub-contractor Grundon Waste Management Limited,…

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On the twelfth day of Christmas


My true love gave to me… 12 foods a-keeping With Christmas only a day away it’s time to think about how to store those dinner leftovers to get the most from them on boxing day, and the day after and the week after that! All you need is 6 things to help you store your…

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On the eleventh day of Christmas

Clothes swap

My true love gave to me… 11 items swapping It’s time to think ahead to just after Christmas. You’ve eaten all the turkey, you’ve unwrapped all the presents and now you’re wondering what to do with the 3 scarves, 2 matching ties, 2 copies of the latest Harry Potter DVD and the slippers you really…

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On the tenth day of Christmas

Freezer - full drawer

My true love gave to me… 10 drumsticks freezing Your freezer is one of the best tools you have to save yourself money and the average freezer contains enough food to feed its owners for 11 days. So what can we use our freezers for?: Keep frozen food frozen (yes, we’re starting with the obvious…

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On the ninth day of Christmas

Baby on back with nappy

My true love gave to me …nine nappies washing They’re cute, fluffy and coming to a venue near you. The current designs of washable nappies don’t involve lots of folding, safety pins or soaking in buckets. You don’t even have to use them for every nappy change and can use them only when you’re at…

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On the eighth day of Christmas

Meal planner on fridge

My true love gave to me…8 meals a-planning You know your fridge and freezer will be completely full on Christmas Eve and there’ll still be a couple of things you need to fit in. Now is the time to start eating up whatever you can from the fridge and freezer to give you as muc…

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On the seventh day of Christmas

Presents 3

My true love gave to me… seven presents wrapping Have you ever noticed that the amount of packaging and wrapping around toys is more than twice the size of the toy? If you look at the presents you get, there’s more wrapping to throw away than you get to keep. So this year, let’s try…

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On the sixth day of Christmas

Shoes 2

My true love gave to me… six shoes repairing Six pairs of shoes isn’t enough, I hear every female friend of mine shout out! Regardless of how many pairs of shoes you own, have you thought about getting them repaired rather than buying a new pair? Not every pair of shoes can be repaired, but…

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On the fifth day of Christmas

Clothing folded on shelves

My true love gave to me… 5 pre-loved things Would you prefer one big expensive present or lots of presents that cost less? The obvious answer is everything! Buying pre-loved (aka second hand or vintage) can get you everything you want. Buying a pre-loved item is not about saving money, although reducing the amount you…

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On the fourth day of Christmas

Greeting cards

My true love sent to me… four emailed words Those 4 words (Merry Christmas to you) arrived on my phone and then in my inbox, as a colourful and animated e-card arrived to wish me season’s greetings. Receiving a Christmas card is great, but if you want to get everyone a personalised card, avoid t…

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On the third day of Christmas


My true love gave to me…3 eco-pens There are lots of exciting and unique gifts make from eco-friendly materials. Not something you can buy everywhere, they are a thoughtful and sometimes fun present for the person who seems to have everything! A pen made from crisp packets. Looks like an ordinary pen, but contains cris…

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On the second day of Christmas


my true love gave to me… 2 purple gloves They were both purple but completely different styles! Don’t you hate it when you lose one glove? It’s like socks in the washing machine, but now there is something you can do – you can show glove love. Does it really matter if your gloves don’t…

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On the first day of Christmas

Christmas trees

my true love gave to me …a fully re-useable tree. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree how lovely are your branches! Mismatched carols aside, there are going to be lots of Christmas trees decorated in West London this year, with its 600,000 households. There will also be a lot of trees that will not b…

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100’s watch West London cookery demonstrations

Stilt chef prepares for meals

There were 7 cookery demonstrations across West London between 19 and 27 November. Shoppers on High Streets and farmers markets were able to see quick and easy things to make from leftovers including recipes for flat bread, biryani, salad dressing, crostini and pizza on a tortilla wrap. You can still make a pledge to sav…

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BBC Chef to give money-saving tips to West London residents

Cookery demonstration

TV chef Richard Fox is coming to West London to share his tips and give advice on how to turn leftovers and food waste into different tasty dishes and gastronomic treats which are cheap and simple to make. Did you know that Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond Councils spend £7.6 million disposing of a…

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WLWA awarded funds to start reward scheme for reuse


A unique and innovative scheme to reward residents who use resources better, prevent waste and encourage the reuse of materials is set to launch in west London. A pilot scheme in Brent and Richmond will offer around 370,000 residents aged 16 or over the opportunity to get a free reward card that will enable them…

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Eight tenderers long-listed for West London waste contract

Pile of rubbish waiting to be treated

The West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has long-listed a total of eight bidders for a long term residual waste treatment contract covering the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, and Richmond upon Thames. Cory Environmental Ltd, Covanta Energy Ltd, E.ON Energy from Waste AG, FCC/Waste Recycling Group Ltd, SITA UK Ltd, Veolia ES Aurora…

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Love Food Hate Waste comes to West London

Smoothie bike

An exciting new campaign to encourage residents to Love Food Hate Waste has officially launched in West London. The campaign, which will run for the next 9 months, will include cookery lessons, food demonstrations, road shows and workshops where residents will be provided with help and advice on reducing their food waste. 8.3 million tonnes…

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Action plan agreed to reduce rubbish in West London

Shrinking bin

The six councils and the West London Waste Authority serving Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames have agreed a joint action plan to reduce waste generated by over 21,000 tonnes per year by 2015. West London residents already recycle and compost over 38% of everything thrown away but this new programme of activities will b…

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West London Boroughs to get out of landfill

Pile of rubbish waiting to be treated

The West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has announced the procurement of a long term contract for residual waste treatment covering the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames, the contract will involve treating up to 300,000 tonnes of waste per year generated by a population of 1.4 million people. The procurement…

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Leftover mashed potato – make a mash cake!

Sausage and mash

This new recipe from Uxbridge Love your Leftovers competition winner Lucy Cole helps you create another meal from your leftover mashed potato. “Bangers and mash are a favourite in my household but there are always a few sausages left over at the end of the meal. There are plenty of ways to use up sausages…

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Great Compost Giveaway 2011

Boy using compost bin

During Compost Awareness Week 2011 (Sunday 1 May to Saturday 7 May) all the councils in West London are giving residents the opportunity to collect free compost to use on your garden. The compost is supplied by Harefield-based West London Composting where garden and food waste from homes across west London is taken to be composted.…

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How do you buy yours?

Various easter eggs

Naked or with packaging? Bright, colourful and tasty Easter Eggs are back on the shelves ready for us to buy. Whether you’re buying one egg or ten, why not challenge yourself to take home as little packaging as you can this year? Over the last two years, the companies producing Easter Eggs have faced a…

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Hillingdon resident wins leftovers competition

Presentation to leftovers competition winner

The winner of our competition to love your Christmas leftovers has been announced. Making the most of your leftovers can save you money and reduce the amount of rubbish thrown away – an amazing 31% of the rubbish in West London is food, much of which could have been reused in leftover recipes. Lucy Co…

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Brent resident wins Green Hamper

Kate Elliott was presented her prize by Councillor Harbhajan Singh, Mayor of Brent

Brent resident, Kate Elliott won a Love Food Hate Waste hamper worth £65 after completing a food waste reducer questionnaire during European Week for Waste Reduction. Kate enjoys cooking and tries to use all the food she buys but said “I am looking forward to having the items in the hamper to help me do…

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Share your leftover recipes and win a prize

Meals can be made from leftovers

You can win £100 to spend in a local sustainable restaurant or a hamper full of eco goodies by entering our competition to tell the rest of us a lovely recipe using our Christmas dinner leftovers. All you need to do is send in a recipe for either a starter, main meal or desert using…

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